Meat packaging box

MateriaStructure: PE liner + paper board+kraft liner
Grammage: 800 to 1200gsm 
Standard Size: 590X390X150mm; We can also do custom size box with different shapes
Industrial Use: Food
(vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, poultry)
Feature: Recyclable

: 1) B
ox for base and lid;leakage proof, for Frozen Food,fruit,vegatable; 
 2) high quality and best price and best professional printing; 
3) our PE liners are non corona Treated WHICH MEANS you can freeze your proucts directly in the box without polybag. It can hold the weight of 25kg.The material of our carton is the solid board, it attain the top-grade waterproof effect and can be applied in the condition of cooling/wet.


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